Food Social is a young non-profit organization focused on providing a platform for all things food, music, and art. We are an energetic and highly skilled three man team taking on the challenges of creating a community that is not only centered around connecting people, but introducing new ideas and moving forward. We are always looking to connect with and expand our team with like-minded people.

A rising tide lifts all boats.


Reis Hood

Reis is on a path of executing innovative ideas and creating a spotlight for fresh concepts in food…and beyond. It all started when food (literally) landed on his lap on a recent trip to New York and his curiosity ran wild. What could be done? What hasn’t been explored? Reis is currently taking on the business development side of Food Social. When he’s not connecting vendors and expanding the Food Social experience, he’s pushing ahead with his acting career.


David Tien

David is a software developer that left the corporate world to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. He grew up in the restaurant business, in fact, being born the very day before his family opened their first restaurant. He’s traveled around the world and his best memories are of the local street food and eating what the locals eat. David is bringing his tech background and love of food to the team to help spread the Food Social message.


Ryan Agabao

Ryan is a motivated individual who left his comfortable corporate career to pursue a deeper calling. After graduating college and reaching the summit of his career in corporate management, he had a revelation that there had to be more to life than just trading time for money. He decided to embark on the journey of starting up his own food truck business, starting with outdoor events and festivals and setting up shop out of a tent.  After meeting other food vendors that sold at these costly events, he began to carry a heavy burden to help those trying to pursue their dreams of owning a successful food business. Ryan has now devoted his life to helping others chase their dreams and realize their full potential. 


Gabriel Castro

Gabriel is currently a graphic design student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Growing up in the Bay Area with a diverse group of friends has allowed him to try a variety of foods from many cultures. Gabriel is always down to try something new and enjoys trying all types of different foods. He appreciates all forms of art, and food is one of them. Being part of the Food Social team is great because they’re always bringing something new to the table.


Pauline Escolar

Paulene is an aspiring interior designer, who also aspires to be more involved in the hospitality industry. Being a creative individual and having close relations to her community, Paulene hopes to utilize her skills to help bring together Food Social events like no other.

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